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A mental wellness and wellbeing tool that assists you in achieving your fullest potential.

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We offer sessions to improve personal, social, and professional skills, while also addressing unwanted behaviors and phobias.
Provide resources to improve well-being and performance, including communication skills, relationship building, and overcoming fears and limitations.
We use proven and scientifically validated methods and techniques in our sessions, ensuring users receive high-quality guidance and support.
The app features a user-friendly interface suitable for both beginners and experts, with new content regularly added for continuous discovery and exploration.

How it Works

Are you looking to make personal growth a priority? Here’s a simple way to get started
  1. Download our app on your smartphone.
  2. Register using your email address.
  3. Browse through our extensive selection of sessions and choose the ones that will aid in your personal development.


How can your product help me?

The Mentality is a resource for enhancing mental well-being that has been crafted by a team of experts. This team includes doctors in the field of neuroscience, certified NLP practitioners, coaching professionals, and chief medical officers who specialize in promoting well-being. The result is a program with proven results that can help anyone.

How often do I need to listen to a session for it to be effective?

The impact of listening to The Mentality offerings can vary depending on the individual and the session. Daily listening can provide short-term benefits, but 21 days of consistent listening is necessary to experience the full benefits of any session.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for The Mentality includes both free and premium sessions, requiring a monthly subscription fee.

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I found a lot of success using Mentality, by working with the app for years. I’ve grown, I’ve been able to incorporate the ideologies of the world with fashion. I’ve learned a lot about how my mind works with Mentality.
Kristine Anigwe
Pro Basketball Player and Fashion Designer
I knew I had to improve my confidence, and my overall work ethic, and become a better communicator. My partnership with Mentality helped me with all of these things. I appreciate and highly recommend Mentality to everyone.
Ivan Rabb
Pro Basketball Player
I had the opportunity to get counseling from Dr. Jay Thomas and I attest to his vast professionalism and his ample expertise that enable the advisee to relearn and modify specific behaviors or mentality to significantly change one's approach to achieve results that I would've never thought possible before.
Gabriel Nunez
Director, Sales Commissions

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